Empowering Words by Jennifer Lopez

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Hey everyone - Mariana here!

I watched the Jennifer Lopez Halftime documentary on Netflix this last weekend and this quote just hit for me and my mission with Brazily Fitness.

"We're celebrating women in every sense of who they are. For being smart, for being strong, for being sensual. I think sometimes as women we think if I'm too sexy, I won't be taken seriously. You cannot just cancel out different parts of who you are. They can all coexist and be very authentic and real." - Jennifer Lopez.

As a woman, it can feel like we’re judged for EVERYTHING thing do, every single choice we make.

We’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

I think it’s about time we say ENOUGH! 🛑

And start living life truly on our terms. Embracing our bodies, our sensuality and chasing our dreams unapologetically.

It’s time we drown out the noise and listen to our intuition more and less to critics who know nothing about us and our lives.

We only get this ONE life! ✨

And my mission is to create a tribe of amazing instructors who step into their power. To become LEADERS of their own tribe. To inspire people to live a life of confidence, fun, love and joy.😍

Not just to women! To anyone who wants to add more LIFE to their years.

Because dance is that powerful. It changes you from the inside out. It builds your confidence in unimaginable, incredible ways!

Showing my daughter that she can dance, be whoever she wants and go after her heart’s desires is also a huge part of my mission.

And I KNOW that with our Brazily Fitness movement, the world will be a much happier, loving place for her ❤️

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