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Our Founders
Mariana & Andre Santos

Hi! I'm Mariana Santos. I was born and raised in Canada and grew up feeling very insecure about my body and really lacked confidence in myself.

I moved to Brazil, where my parents are from, as a teenager and was quickly hit with massive culture shock. I had to learn a new language, make new friends and I was suddenly in an environment where people took an extra amount of care when it came to their health, appearance and wellness.

At first, it was a huge struggle! My  insecurities increased and I felt like I didn’t fit in at all.

Things started to change when I joined a gym and got introduced to Brazilian music and dance and the unique Brazilian approach to fitness and lifestyle. I started feeling more confident in my own skin, had more energy, became less shy and eventually decided to dive into the fitness industry as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer once I returned to Canada.

At 25, I  decided to move back to Brazil again and further connected with my Brazilian roots and fell more and more in love with the Brazilian culture and vibe.

I also met the love of my life, my husband Andre, who had also worked as a Dance Fitness Instructor for years. Our mutual love for Brazilian music dance definitely created a very strong bond between us!

We eventually moved back to Canada to start a family and now have a beautiful daughter named Bella.

And we came back with a mission – to teach as many people as possible about the Brazilian approach to fitness, dance and overall lifestyle.

Because one thing became very clear to me while I was living in Brazil – that if you have as much fun as possible and enjoy the little things in life, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!

Also, that making yourself a priority by living a healthy lifestyle and doing things you love, is the furthest thing from selfish! This mindset shift was life changing for me and I now want to show people how amazing life can be when you learn to truly love yourself, from the inside out.

Brazily™ Fitness aims to get rid of the toxic "no pain, no gain" mentality and instead focus on taking care of yourself first, unapologetically, by using fitness and dance as tools to live a life you love. Oh, and by making sure you have as much FUN along the way as possible!


“I feel like taking Brazily Dance classes is so unique and different because you get Mariana’s feminine moves along with Andre’s contagious energy, making it the perfect mix! The movements are clear and easy to follow and guide you to follow the choreography even if you’ve never even heard the song before. It’s PURE FUN, and you burn tons of calories too, which is a bonus!”

- Monise Kressa

“Dance entered my life with Mariana and Andre and their Brazily Dance classes. I always tell everyone that it was a game changer in my life! Dance allowed me to free myself from taboos and I discovered a new version of myself! I felt lighter, more joyful and started to live my life the way I always wanted, without fear of judgment. I believe this pivotal moment couldn’t have happened with anyone besides Mariana and Andre. Andre shares his pure joy that just shines and Mariana shares her sensuality which I just LOVE! When you combine that with Brazilian music and their unique choreography that’s a perfect mix of their talent, you get the perfect combination!”

- Simone Sanz

“Participating in Brazily Dance classes with Mariana and Andre was a total game changer in my personal life. The choreography is fun and intuitive and they never make you feel like you have to dance “perfectly.” They truly make you feel like the most important part is to have fun, gain more body awareness, allow your own personal sensuality to reveal itself and interact with other amazing people in the class. This dynamic duo and their classes have made me so happy! I am forever grateful.”

- Cassiane Crestani

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