The World's Hottest Brazilian Dance & Fitness Certification Programs Helping Group Fitness Instructors Advance Their Career by Building Stronger Connections So They Can Help More People Every Day


The World's Hottest Brazilian Dance & Fitness Certification Programs Helping Group Fitness Instructors Advance Their Career by Building Stronger Connections So They Can Help More People Every Day

Become a Brazily™ Dance Instructor!

Brazily™ Dance Brings You the Hottest Brazilian Music and Moves to Boost Your Confidence to New Heights for a Dance Fitness Experience Like No Other!

Build Confidence & Connections

Exclusive Brazily Dance formula that focuses on building participants’ confidence levels and creating stronger connections from class to class.

Community & Lucrative Design 

A community of instructors and access to professionals in the fitness space to work together to build your business, create more impact and make more money.

Cohesive & Consistent Programming

New, standardized Brazily Dance choreography every month to help instructors save time on class prep and keep members engaged and coming back for more.

Access to Growth Opportunities

Opportunities to gain recognition and grow with the company to take on leadership roles as a Master Trainer, Presenter, & Choreographer to showcase your unique talents.



About Us


“They have a joy for life in Brazil unlike any country I’ve ever seen.”

                                       - Morena Baccarin


At Brazily™ Fitness, we understand the demands and fast-paced nature of life, making it challenging to prioritize self-care and reconnect with our true happiness. As a fitness instructor, you have the incredible opportunity to impact lives in ways that extend far beyond your classes.

Our mission is to provide you with unique and authentic fitness and coaching programs inspired by the Brazily™ way of life. We equip you with the tools necessary not only to stand out in the market with exciting and effective programs but also to become a leader within your own community, bringing joy and happiness to every person you touch.

By joining our movement, you will inspire your tribe to embrace spontaneity, have unwavering faith, cultivate self-love, and have unwavering confidence in their ability to achieve their heart's desires. You will encourage them to slow down, savor the simple pleasures, and recognize that these seemingly small moments are actually the ones that matter most. 

At Brazily™ Fitness, we believe that true fulfillment lies in embracing the present moment, nurturing ourselves, and pursuing our passions with unwavering authenticity. Through our programs and community, you will empower your tribe to live with a renewed zest for life, cherishing the little things that make each day extraordinary.

Join our movement, where together, we will inspire others to infuse their lives with spontaneity, faith, love, confidence, and a profound appreciation for the beauty found in life's simplest moments. Let's create a ripple effect of joy and fulfillment that will leave a meaningful and lasting impact on the world.


What people are really looking for right now is sense of belonging within a community of people dedicated to living their best lives and embracing joy at every step of the journey.

At Brazily™ Fitness, we live by the motto "Viva a Vibe" ("Live the Vibe"). It encapsulates our commitment to following the Brazily™ Principles, which empower individuals to infuse their lives with laughter, joy, happiness, smiles, and fun—one exhilarating Brazily™ class at a time.

And guess what? You have the incredible opportunity to lead your own community into this extraordinary way of life!

We believe that sexy is not limited to specific shapes, sizes, or ages. Our programs are designed to celebrate what truly matters—YOU! When you radiate self-assurance and embrace your unique beauty from the inside out, the love you share with the world knows no bounds. That's what it's all about!

We strive for more love, more joy, more fun, more confidence, more sexy, and ultimately, more life! This is the movement we are building, and we invite you to be part of it.

Together, let's create a world filled with boundless love, infectious joy, and unapologetic fun. Are you ready to join us in shaping a world with more confidence, fulfillment, love and joy?

Let's come together on this transformative journey and create a world where love knows no limits and every day is an extraordinary celebration of life!


Brazily™ Fitness - Viva a Vibe™!

Our Guiding Principles:

- We share love and joy, wherever we go.
- We prioritize self-care & self-love.
- We believe that the journey is the destination.
- We know that unity is our strength.



Our Mission:


To help Group Fitness Instructors advance their careers by building stronger connections so they can help more people every day. 

Our Vision:


People all over the world following the Brazilian approach to fitness and lifestyle so they can build their confidence in and out of the gym and live a life with more health, fun, love and joy.


Our Founders

Meet Mariana Santos, a passionate advocate for self-love and a believer in the power of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Born and raised in Canada, Mariana battled insecurities and a lack of confidence in her early years. However, her life took a transformative turn when she moved to Brazil as a teenager, immersing herself in a culture that prioritized health, appearance, and wellness.

Initially faced with challenges, Mariana found solace and empowerment through Brazilian music, dance, and the unique Brazilian approach to fitness. With newfound confidence, boundless energy, and a desire to inspire others, she embarked on a journey into the fitness industry as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer upon her return to Canada.

However, Mariana's connection with her Brazilian roots continued to deepen. At 25, she moved back to Brazil, where she not only fell in love with the vibrant culture but also met her soulmate, Andre, who shared her passion for dance and fitness. Together, they formed a strong bond, eventually moving back to Canada to start a family. Today, they are proud parents to their beautiful daughter, Bella.

Driven by their love for Brazilian music, dance, and the life-changing lessons they learned, Mariana and Andre returned to Canada with a mission. They established Brazily™ Fitness, a platform dedicated to teaching others about the Brazilian approach to fitness, dance, and overall lifestyle.

Breaking away from the toxic "no pain, no gain" mentality, Brazily™ Fitness encourages individuals to prioritize self-care unapologetically. Their approach emphasizes the joy and fun that can be found in physical activity, challenging the belief that fitness has to be a chore. Mariana passionately believes that when people learn to truly love themselves from the inside out and embrace a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle, they can achieve limitless possibilities.

Through Brazily™ Fitness, Mariana is committed to sharing her mindset shift and empowering people to create lives they adore. By utilizing fitness and dance as tools for self-expression and personal growth, Mariana aims to help individuals embrace self-love and discover the incredible potential that lies within them. Join Mariana on this journey to uncover the magic of living life to the fullest, one step, one dance, and one smile at a time.



Our Programs

Brazily™ Dance

Brazily™ Dance unites all of Brazil’s best music and dance styles to bring you a unique dance fitness experience that you’ve never seen before! It’s all about getting in touch with your sensuality and making your body move in ways that make you feel sexy, while also getting an amazing cardio workout! The class format is a perfect blend of easy to follow steps, mixed in with more challenging moves that allow you to progress from class to class and build unstoppable confidence! We bring the Brazily™ Carnaval vibe to you and then you get to share that vibe with everyone around you!

Brazily™ Sculpt

Brazily™ Sculpt is a full body, complete workout program that sculpts your sexiest curves! It focuses on strength, power and endurance teaching you great form and challenges you through time under tension and progressive overload, so you see quick changes in your body. It will make you feel strong and powerful and we know there’s no limit to what you can achieve when you start to embrace your power!
(Coming soon!)

Brazily™ Let’s Goal


Brazily™ Let’s Goal is the ultimate functional training soccer program that challenges your endurance, agility and speed so you can continuously progress in your soccer skills all year round. It’s the perfect blend of soccer drills and full body exercises to increase your stamina and become the best soccer player you can be! It will bring out the best in you and encourage you to chase all your goals - on and off the field!
(Coming soon!

Brazily™ DanceCamp

Brazily™ DanceCamp is a full body functional training workout program mixed in with a whole lot of booty shaking! You will be so busy having fun that you won’t even see the time go by. If you’ve always had a hard time sticking to your workouts, Brazily™ DanceCamp will completely change how you view exercise. With a newfound commitment to yourself and your goals, we know there’s no stopping you, no matter what you’re trying to achieve!
(Coming soon!)


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The World's Hottest Brazilian Dance & Fitness Certification Programs Helping Group Fitness Instructors Advance Their Career by Building Stronger Connections So They Can Help More People Every Day