More than just another fitness class - a community, your own TRIBE!

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Dance fitness instructors! 

If you aren’t thinking of out of the box ways to strengthen bonds among your participants, you’re missing out on SO much!

We are social creatures. What we want, more than anything, is to feel like we belong. Especially now, after so much time being isolated, people are craving this social connection! 👫

You need to think of yourself as the leader of your tribe, because that’s really what you are!

Your participants come to your classes when they had a hard day because they know you will help them feel better. They look to you for inspiration! ✨

What if you took things a step further and came up with ways for participants to engage with each other more regularly?

Hosting special events, little parties, thematic classes and workshops are just some of the ways you can increase the sense of community within your tribe.

And guess what? When people feel like they’re truly part of something, and not just another participant, they keep coming back! AND they refer their friends.

Even better than that? They boost their confidence and feel happier! 🤩

And YOU get to be the one who provides them with that!

How awesome is that? 🥰

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