Dance Fitness Instructors: STOP selling yourself short!

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Dance fitness instructors: stop selling yourself short! 🛑

What you do has the potentially to literally change the lives of your participants!

When they take a class with you, it’s not just because they want to burn some calories.

That’s such a small part of the equation!

What they really want is to feel like they’re part of a community.

They want to let loose and get rid of negative emotions that have built up over the week.

They want feel challenged and build their confidence levels.

And yes, they want to feel SEXY!

Because there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s human nature.

And guess what? YOU get to be the one that offers them this incredible experience!

You help them work out emotions that they have a hard time even putting into words.

You make them laugh and smile and feel alive!

When life gets busy and you’re running from one class to another and it seems like you’re just going though the motions in life, just take a deep breath and remind yourself that very few professionals impact lives the way you do every single day. And that’s pretty amazing!

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This is for you if you know that your impact goes beyond your classes and you’re ready to lead your own tribe to a life of more fun, joy, confidence and love!

Share this with your fitness instructor bestie below to show them some love and remind them of how awesome they are ❤️

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