Dance Fitness Instructors: What's your WHY?

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Mariana here, and today I want to share something your probably don’t know about me.

When I moved from Canada to Brazil as a teenager, it was anything but easy.

I was overweight, hated playing sports, super shy and had very low self-esteem and confidence in myself. 😔

This made moving and leaving all my friends behind very challenging!

Now, when I look back, I’m so grateful for this challenge!

Because it was in Brazil that I learned to take care of myself and my body in a way I enjoyed - through dance and other fitness programs.

It was in Brazil that I learned that taking care of myself first is anything but selfish.

It was in Brazil that I learned that life isn’t about those big moments you work towards - it’s about all the little moments along the way!

It was in Brazil that I learned that life can be hard, but I’m also strong! And over time, my newfound confidence started improving all areas of myself.

All of this and more is what I want for our daughter, Bella. I want her to feel like there’s nothing she can’t achieve in her life, as long as she stays true to herself and builds her confidence consistently so she can roll with the punches in life.

Brazily Fitness has never been about just teaching new fitness programs.

It’s about viewing your life in a whole new way! It’s about being in the driver seat and taking control of your future.

It’s about believing in yourself, no matter what!

It’s about living with joy and fun and sharing love with those around you!

That’s why we’re not just looking for average fitness instructors.

We’re looking for fitness instructors who truly want to change people’s lives! Who are willing to go above and beyond for their participants and understand that their impact goes far beyond their fitness classes.🌟

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